Teachers said it better 
than we ever could so here are some quotes:

"My biggest takeaway from the couple of months we have used them so far is how reluctant many of my students were in writing out their math work to solve problems, and now they can't wait to work on math and take the time to write out their work!"

- Thom Smith. 3rd Grade Teacher. Bradford NH

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"A very experiential and kinesthetic learning process"

The Benefits:
 • More engagement from the students
 • More efficiency in the classroom
 • Less paper wasted

Cut to size! Our stock size fits most desks

We have stock sizes for the standard desk 23"x12".
For installation: Wipe the desks down, peel & stick, and then trim the edges with a knife or scissors.

(for custom jobs, email us at hello@think-board.com)


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Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes we do! Just click the link below and we'll get you set up. Alternatively, you can purchase right on our website.

Does it work with every marker?

Yes! Every marker. It will erase clean everytime too. No spray needed. Just a paper towel! No ghosting - ever.

100% Satisfaction, always

If there is anything wrong with one of your boards - even the slightest defect - we'll replace it for free.

2-5 Year

If treated with care, they should last. They are scratch resistant. If picked at constantly, they won't last as long

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