60 Seconds Away From A New Whiteboard

Here's The Deal...

Whiteboards are expensive, but don't last as long as they should. And currently, the only way to extend their life is to paint them with dry erase paint - which also is a let down...

We take old whiteboards/chalkboards and make them beautiful (and functional) again.

We have created the highest quality dry erase surface in the world - it's a promise. No more dry erase paint. 

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We Saved Babson College $250,000

Installing new whiteboards is a hassle, timely and costly. Our film can go right over an existing surface (board/wall/desk) and make it feel brand new.

Think about it: Resurfacing a Whiteboard or Chalkboard saves you a ton of money, and saves thousands of old Whiteboards & Chalkboards from the landfill. Who doesn't love that?

Main Benefits:

 • Non-porous surface, making our film superior to every dry erase paint, and therefore will last 2-3 times longer.
 • Self-adhering adhesive can be stuck to any smooth surface.
 • Fully removable - so it can be peeled off easily in the future. 


5 Year Warranty On Resurfacing Jobs

That's how confident we are that you'll fall in love.

65%-85% Cost Savings

Sliding whiteboards or not, resurfacing your boards with our films will save you a lot of money. 

No Ghosting - Ever.

Wait.. you mean...?
Yup. We created the highest quality dry erase film on the market - and it works with every marker!

Fully Removable

Our self-adhearing films are fully removable and won't damage the suface you cover. Cover your chalk or whiteboard without fear of damaging it!

10 Year Life-Span

We love whiteboards, and so should you, which is why we put the highest quality product in your classrooms.
"10 Year Outdoor Durability" 

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