Take a peek inside the classroom!

"A very experiential and kinesthetic learning process"

With advancing technology in the classroom students are losing the opportunity to develop their kinesthetic skills.

The Benefits:
 • More engagement from the students
 • More efficiency in the classroom
 • Less paper wasted

All shapes and sizes

We have stock sizes for the standard desk, but we can also do other shapes and sizes! 

“Think Board is great for differentiating instructions for kids. It is 10 times better for muscle memory, and the kids have so much fun using it! They see a marker and immediately think 'It's going to be fun’”

Holly Cachimuel. 7th Grade Teacher. Watertown MA


Your First Classroom, On Us!

That's how confident we are that you'll fall in love.

Cost Savings - 2 Ways

Taking old school desks and bringing them into the 21st century, not the landfill. Also, you'll save thousands of pieces of paper, per classroom.

No Ghosting - Ever.

Wait.. you mean...?
Yup. We created the highest quality dry erase film on the market - and it works with every marker!

100% Satisfaction

If there is anything wrong with one of your boards - even the slightest defect - we'll replace it for free.

5 Year Life-Span

We love whiteboards, and so should you, which is why we put the highest quality product in your classrooms.

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